Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monkeyman Driver

Another true news story, this time from Phoenix. I once got one of those photo tickets in Phoenix. It's a weird feeling seeing yourself in the photo on the ticket -- like your privacy has been violated. I'm just glad I wasn't obviously singing along to the radio or stuffing a Hostess cupcake in my face.

Sorry if the end makes me sound like a cranky old fart who complains that nobody uses their turn signals anymore. (I am that guy.) I'm sure most people's initial response is "good for him, he's beating the system." But I share Lily's assessment of him.

Just a few days ago, a few blocks from my house, someone pulled out of a gas station right into the path of two people on a motorcycle, killing them both. This is exactly the kind of thing this ass is going to do. How clever will he feel explaining his scheme to the family of someone he kills. "I'm really sorry. I didn't see your son because I was wearing this mask to beat traffic tickets."

Here's a picture of this douchebag.


Red Pill Junkie said...

I fail to understand how he can get away with this stupid prank.

Here in Mexico, the person whose name a car is registered to is responsible for everything that is caused by the car.

If you sell your car, but the new owner doesn't register it to his name, and 5 years later that car is used in a bank robbery, you're the one who goes to jail —unless you can legally prove the change of ownership; but in the meantime you'll spend a nicl holiday behind bars.

Guess things are different in the US of A :-/

shipping troll said...

Nothing I hate worse than rude, bad drivers, and rude, bad drivers who plan ahead on being so, well, I just hope that when Karma catches up to them that it doesn't screw up a lot of other lives.