Monday, August 17, 2009

A Pervy Cat

You can always count on stupid criminals to deliver choice material. I would have liked to see the police interrogators trying to keep a straight face as this guy told his story.

Did you play along with Lily? If you guessed right, leave a comment to brag about it. And leave a comment if you guessed wrong -- you have some explaining to do. It wasn't that hard, was it?


Charles said...

Florida was the first one that occurred to me... In the English speaking world, different nations would probably have their own whipping boys. Would Brits conclude the pervy cat was in Wales...? What about Canadians? Or Australians? or New Zealanders? That would make for an interesting straw poll.

Carol said...

I did play along with Lily. My first thought was that it had to be Texas, but wait! As I second-guessed myself I realized that it could have been any state south of the Mason-Dixon line. Wait again! That would have taken Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kansas and Utah out of the running, not to mention Alaska. It seems that I associate Florida more with senior citizen automobile insurance fraud than child pornography.

That said, I like the idea of having to guess which state a goofy news story comes from. Perhaps that could become an additional feature of Deadpan - Guess the State!

shipping troll said...

I have to say that I heard this on the Radio last Friday morning, so I was disqualified from the guessing .... unless there is a prize and then... Uh... I guessed Florida!

Reine said...

I'm with Lily -
What's wrong with Florida anyhow that it should come so quickly to mind?
I think it's the heat - look what the weather has done to abet the crazy mind set of hot spots all over the world. Turn on the air conditioning and give peace a chance!

Jade said...

I was thinking Arkansas. My friend visited there recently and it just made sense to me. Too funny!